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KVA installs power equipment in Bekaa
Feeders to save
$3.6 million yearly
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KVA, the electrical Distribution Service Provider (DSP) for Beirut and the Bekaa, concluded the installation of power feeders in Rachaya. This equipment will enhance power efficiency and output.

The new feeders improved voltage output from 120 to 210 volts. KVA Project Manager, Maher Itani, said: “This investment will also save $3.6 million per year, through a reduction in technical losses. Its cost will be fully recovered within six months.”

The new installations spread from Jib Jannine to Rachaya in West Bekaa, and cover 22 kilometers of underground cables, 72 kilometers of overhead conductors, and 110 metal poles.

The service feeds 15 villages including Rashaya, Dar Al Ahmar, El Bireh, and Al Mhaydseh.

KVA and two other DSPs are tasked with modernizing the power distribution network, improving customer service, and collecting bills. They are also in charge of the maintenance and reduction of technical and non-technical losses on the network.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Apr 02, 2014
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