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Citi Furniture expanding abroad
New factory in Erbil
and showroom in Tanzania
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Citi Furniture is expanding in Erbil said its General Manager Nicolas Abdelnour.

The company will open there a factory by the end of April.

In 2012 Citi Furniture opened a 4,000 m2 showroom. Demand was high, so management decided to establish a factory.

Abdelnour said that Citi Furniture will also go to Africa within the coming three months starting with a 4,500 m2 showroom in Tanzania at $2-$3 million investment.

During the initial period, the company-owned showroom will be supplied by products imported from the Lebanese factory and from the company’s warehouses in China. “If the market grows as expected, we would probably establish a factory there also,” he said.

Citi Furniture, was established in 1986. It has three local showrooms: Furn El Shebbak, Dbayeh, and Saida and Mazzeh near Damascus. Its major shareholder is Salah Osseiran.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Apr 22, 2014
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