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Fady Gemayel runs for Association of Industrialists
Elections will take place
on April 26
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The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) announced on April 23, the candidates who are running for the new board of directors that will take place on Saturday, April 26.

Fady Gemayel, Chairman of Gemayel Freres, is presiding over a list that includes 24 members.

The candidates on Gemayel’s list include: Ziad Bekdache, Chawki Dakache, Michel Daher, Adnan Ataya, Khalil Cherri, Jean Michel Mekhbat, Omar Hallab, Mohamad Zeidan, Bassam Mahfouz, Mounir Bsat, George Nesrawi, and Chaker Saab.

At least one other list will be announced, chaired by Ramez Bou Nader.

Gemayel has developed a program at a meeting held this afternoon at Biel. His program includes ways to improve the industrial sector and increase its competitiveness. It also focuses on the problems affecting this sector, the solutions, and the needed strategies.

Gemayel said: “Our main quest is to solve the operational and energy cost problems.” He said that a vision should be set for each sector.  

“Our success was due to offering a lot of products to a small market, but now, we should focus on manufacturing more specific products,” he said.

Gemayel said that the sector should benefit from the Diaspora to open new markets, and create synergy among sectors. He said: “We should work on profiting from the success of the fashion sector and link it to others such as the furniture sector.”

The industrial sector should also benefit from IT companies and know how to distribute local products through websites and e-commerce platforms. It should also benefit from assistance provided by UNIDO, the EU, and the Swiss Economic Organization (SECO), as well as local institutions such as IRI, LIBNOR, and LibanPack.   

Industrial companies are being requested to cooperate with local universities to improve the products and increase competitiveness. Gemayel said: “Small and medium enterprises should benefit from investment banks to increase their capitals. The Beirut stock exchange should also allow the listing of SMEs.”

ALI will be working on establishing a mutual fund that guarantees loans for industrial institutions. Members of ALI will contribute small amounts to finance the fund. It will also work on encouraging industrialists to manufacture in an environment-friendly manner, through a plan financed by donors.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 23, 2014
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