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Fady Gemayel wins the Association of Industrialists
‘All for Industry’
24-member list entirely elected
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Fady Gemayel was elected Chairman of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) on Saturday, April 26. He is the Chairman of Gemayel Frères, and LibanPack, an organization promoting the packaging industry.

Gemayel headed over the list ‘All for Industry’ that included 24 members: Ziad Bekdache, Walid Assaf, Chawki Daccache, Michel Daher, Adnan Ataya, Khalil Cherri, Jean Michel Mokhbat, Omar Hallab, Mohamad Zeidan, Bassam Mahfouz, Mounir Bsat, George Nesrawi, Chaker Saab, Osama Helbawi, Antoine Saliba, Joyce Jammal, Dany Abboud, Laurence Tovikjian, Mazen Sinno, Nazareth Sabounjian, Nicolas Abi Nasr, Hasssan Yassine, and Ibrahim Mallah.

The competing list, ‘Industrial Decision’, was headed by Ramez Bou Nader. Gemayel said: “ALI’s doors are open for all industrialists. We are ready to hear their demands and cooperate with them for more development, production, competitiveness, and creativity, in order to improve the industrial sector.”

ALI’s executive board was elected and includes, in addition to Gemayel: Ziad Bekdache (first Vice Chairman), George Nesrawi (Second Vice Chairman), Khalil Cherri (General Secretary), Nazareth Sabounjian (Financial Secretary), and Mounir Bsat (External Relations Secretary). The executive board also includes Walid Assaf, Chawki Daccache, Adnan Ataya, and Michel Daher as members.

Gemayel has developed a program aiming to reinforce the industrial sector and increase its competitiveness. It also focuses on the problems affecting this sector, the solutions, and the needed strategies.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 28, 2014
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