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Nicolas Chammas reelected by acclamation
The board will
reconsider the salary scale
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The board of directors of the Beirut Trade Association (BTA) was elected by acclamation on April 27. Nicolas Chammas was reelected as the chairman of the association for a second term.

Chammas said: “Our strategy on the national level is to continue supporting the trade institutions and reconsidering the salary scale issue. As for the administration level, we will keep updating our systems and projects, such as retail index with Fransabank, the trader shopping car with Blom Bank, and others”.

The new board of directors includes 24 members, eight of whom are new. The executive board includes Jihad Tannir (First Vice-President), Kamil Boulos (Second Vice-President), Mounir Tabbara (Secretary), Fadi Chahrour (Treasurer), Joseph Nasnas (Accountant), Randa Mahasni, and Raffi Demerjian (Advisors).

The list also includes: Bashir Basatni, Jaafar Haidar, Jamil Gharzouzi, Khalil Fakhoury, Michel Asseily, Michel Fattal, Mohamad Sinno, Nadine Mecattaf, Georges Tabet, Carine Boustany, Georges Karam, Bassem Bawab, Hani Bohsali, Philippe Zakka, Adnan Rammal, and Hassan Ghaddar. 

Reported by Joelle Nassar
Date Posted: Apr 28, 2014
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