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Remote regions get DSL
17 new switching stations linked by fiber optics
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The Ministry of Telecommunications announced that DSL Internet will be available in remote regions that used to lack the service.

The Ministry said that Ogero has finalized linking 17 new central stations (Private Branch Exchange – PBX) to the fiber optics network. It has completed the technical and operational experimentations of the network, which allows selling DSL service to end users.

There are 12,000 subscribers out of 23,300 available land lines, spread across 50 villages will be able to use the DSL Internet service. The activation timeline is as follows:

• Villages in Batroun caza surrounding Hardine, Boksmaya, and Kfour Al Arbi: May 5-10. Villages surrounding Hamat, Kour, and Sourat: June 9-14.
• Villages in Aley caza surrounding Abey, Rechmaya, Kabrechmoun, and Btater: May 12-17.
• Villages in the Bekaa and South surrounding Rashaya and Khiyam: May 19-24.
• Villages in Ftouh Kesrouan, Jbeil surrounding Yahchouch, Almat, and Qartaba: May 26-31.

Imad Maatouk, PBX Installation Manager at the ministry, said that this step is part of the national plan to link all PBXs to the installed fiber optics network at a first stage. At a later stage, end users will be linked to the fiber optics network. But according to Maatouk, it still requires lots of work and will take more time. Fiber optics has a higher bandwidth and better coverage capabilities than the copper network.

The project was started three years ago. The first part of the fiber optics Internet network was ready since April 2013. The project costs around $45 million. The overall project will cost around $93 million and it includes the installation of a 4,000 Km optical fiber setup which covers the entire country. 

Reported by Rana Freifer
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Date Posted: May 02, 2014