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Air Liquide Group expands in Chekka
$10 million investments to supply the market
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Société d'Oxygène et d'Acétylène du Liban (SOAL), a subsidiary of French Air Liquide Group that produces and distributes medical gases and gas mixtures, will open a new facility in Chekka. According to Charles Habr, Finance and Administrative manager of SOAL:  “This expansion is to move from the residential zone of Dekwaneh to an industrial zone, Chekka, where all the industrial requirements are available.”

The space of the land stretches over 11,000 square meters, and the built up area encompasses around 8,000 square meters. The building houses two floors dedicated for commercial and industrial activities.

The cost of investment in Chekka project exceeded $10 million, including the cost of the land, construction and equipment. The new project will create about 20 jobs, increasing to 73 the number of employees.

Construction works of the facility have been finalized, and operations will start after gaining the licenses from the Ministry of Industry. The company is also requested to admit studies to evaluate the environmental impact of the factory to the Ministry of Environment.

SOAL’s turnover reaches $12 million annually. The products offered are manufactured locally or imported from the international markets or the company’s factory in Syria. The company used to export part of the production to the Arab countries, mainly Jordan. Due to the Syrian crisis exports have stopped, according to Habr.

SOAL was created in 1961 in association between the French Air Liquide and two major Lebanese businessmen, Ibrahim Salem and Marwan Sehnaoui.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 26, 2014
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