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Billboards, traffic violations,
and fireworks regulated
Governor of Mount Lebanon requests
municipalities to provide data
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The Governor of Mount Lebanon, Fouad Fleifel, has issued memorandums concerning regulating commercial billboards, monitoring and stopping traffic violations, and adhering to the usage conditions of fireworks.

Municipalities are requested to provide the Governorate of Mount Lebanon with the names and contact details of commercial agencies which have billboards distributed across coastal and mountain roads. They are also requested to provide the numbers of these billboards, and to notify the Governorate about which are private and which are municipal billboards.

All administrative documents and certifications provided to agencies must be also be given to the governorate. The memorandums gave instructions for the periodic check-up of the billboards in order to protect public safety. Some of these billboards are not usable and subject to collapse. Others have 'immoral content' and are leading to traffic accidents.    

Municipalities are also requested to install maximum allowed speed signs on the main and interior roads, and signs notifying drivers about the speed radars.

The memorandum emphasized the obligation of acquiring a prior license to use fireworks, acting on the memorandum of the Ministry of Interior issued on 21/8/2012. Offenders will be subject to penalty bills.
Reported by Rana Freifer
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Date Posted: Aug 04, 2014