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Interbrand to launch beer brand
Operations will start within a year
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Interbrand, a local manufacturer of soft drinks and juices, is planning to introduce its own beer brand, in 2015.

Alain Tabourian, the company’s Chairman said: “The market is still underdeveloped and monopolized and beer prices are high. There are large opportunities to develop it.”

Interbrand conducted a feasibility study for the market and invested $10 million in initial costs for construction and equipment.

The production capacity of the brewery is expected to reach 20,000 liters per year. Tabourian said that consumption still does not exceed five liters per capita, so there is a possibility to enlarge the market.

Interbrand is looking for a site for the brewery. “There are several options, but we did not choose the site yet. We are looking for a place that is rich in water.”

The company will be assisted by European experts for the brewing process, technical knowhow and design. “There is a possibility to launch several kinds of products, not just traditional ones,” said Tabourian. 

“Our group produces different kinds of juices and soft drinks. Beer is easy for us because it requires the same distribution policy,” he said. The company will also target regional markets.

Interbrand has the license to manufacture Libby’s, RC, and Bonjus and produces its own beverage brand, X-tra. The company distributes Sannine water, in which it is a shareholder.

Several locally-manufactured beer brands have been entering the market. ‘961’, from a local micro-brewery, debuted in 2006. Earlier this year, Kassatly introduced ‘Beirut’, and the brewery that produces Almaza launched ‘Rayes’. A Batroun-based beer, ‘Colonel’, has been making itself know through social media networks.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 01, 2014
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