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Zeenni Steel doubles in size
To produce 350,000 tons of steel per year
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Zeenni Steel, a manufacturer of structure steel and tubes, expanded its factory in Bchamoun. Mazen Zeenni, Sales and Purchasing Manager, said: “The company expanded its facilities to offer new services related to cutting and bending construction steel.”

There is a large demand on construction steel from developers and contractors in the market,” said Zeeni. Through this expansion, the company would be able to provide engineers with a wide range of construction steel shapes.

The company invested more than $15 million to double the space of the old factory and warehouses in Bchamoun. The total built-up area of the new factory is 50,000 square meters. This expansion created about 50 new jobs.

The company produces 150,000 tons of structure steel per year, and 200,000 tons of construction steel. Zeenni Steel also has large warehouses for storing and wholesaling iron and steel.

The company is a family business owned by Issam Zeenni and his sons.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
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Date Posted: Sep 05, 2014