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Indian exhibition to showcase Lebanese products
‘Lebanon Day’ in New Delhi set for February
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India chose Lebanon as a partner to participate in the Indian exhibition “Surajkund Mela,” a traditional craft festival, which will be held February 1-15, 2015, in New Delhi.

Khaled Najjar, Chairman of the Association for Development of Lebanese Indian Relations (ADLIR), said: “The Indian government will be promoting Lebanon as an exclusive partner country.” All event promotions will announce that the focus will be on Lebanon this year and local companies will have the opportunity to earn space in the exhibition.


The exhibition will display industrial, fashion, handicraft, agro-food and agricultural products and will include a section for Lebanese cuisine. It will also host cultural events showcasing music, dance, theater and other traditional cultural performances.

Najjar said that one day of the exhibition will be designated as Lebanon Day. “This day will be dedicated for wines, olive oil, honey and other herbal and natural agricultural products,” he said. Producers may also meet Indian traders and importers through the assistance of the Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Najjar said that ALDIR will be organizing business-to-business meetings at the same time in New Delhi.

The Indian government will provide Lebanese participants with stands, free of charge, to display their products and space for cultural programs. It will also offer free accommodations in hotels, food and transport for cultural troupes.

Visas and customs formalities will be facilitated by the Indian authorities for all business entrepreneurs and their products.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assign an organizing committee, within a week, to coordinate with the Indian embassy. The committee would include representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Culture.

Surajkund Mela attracts more than one million participants from India and 20 countries, annually.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 18, 2014
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