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Oasis factory
to open near Saida
To provide waterproof products
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Oasis, a new industrial facility, will be established in the Tebna Industrial City, near Saida, to manufacture waterproof wood moldings for construction.

Works on the factory will begin as soon as Oasis receives its license from the Ministry of Industry. It is expected to start operations in early 2015.

Oasis will begin by manufacturing wood molds and expand to wooden doors, closets and kitchens in the future. The factory will produce 100 tons of wood, per month.

Hady Ghaddar, Managing Partner, said: “Our factory will be the first of its kind to manufacture this type of mold, as all those available in the market are made of dry wood.”

Investment in the project is expected to reach $1.5 million. The company has already imported the fully automated machines required for this industry from Germany.

The 2,000 square meter plot of land cost $300,000. The factory is expected to create more than 20 jobs.

Ghaddar said that the factory will be targeting the regional markets, mainly Syria and Saudi Arabia.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 07, 2014
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