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CEDRO IV: Green energy program launched by UNDP
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The fourth CEDRO program will be launched on November 11. The program will target three main categories: Solar power, bio-energy, and low carbon villages. The $4 million program is funded by the European Union.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the Country Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program (CEDRO) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Finance, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction, in 2007.

The first component of the program would provide seven commercial businesses grants to install photovoltaic plants, which would generate power to sustain their businesses. These are: Liban Jus, Liban Lait, Gemayel Fréres, USEK, Rene Mouawad Foundation, Liberation Academy, and Akkar Souks. Hassan Harajli, Cedro Project Manager at UNDP said: “The Program will co-finance between 30 and 50 percent of the construction cost of the plants. The businesses will handle the rest.”

The second part of the program relates to bioenergy. Harajli said: “After we published the National Bioenergy Strategy, we found out that residues from forestry and agriculture had the best potential to generate energy for heating.” Cedro chose two locations to implement the sustainable forest management plan. These are Indakt in Akkar, North of Lebanon, and Bkassine near Jezzine, in South Lebanon.

“The trees will be pruned and the dry residues will be shredded and crushed into logs that can be used for heating by the residents of the two areas,” he said.

The third component relates to low carbon villages, which will target the southern town of Kabrikha. CEDRO IV plans to transform it into a green village by targeting heating, hot water, power, and solid waste. “We aim to lower demand for high carbon emitting non-renewable energy supplies,” said Harajli. It will benefit 400 households.

The first three CEDRO programs were funded by Spain. They benefited around 120 public sector sites with photovoltaic installations. CEDRO was renewed in 2013.
Date Posted: Nov 10, 2014
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