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EU gives $11 million to NGOs
To improve access to water in the North and Bekaa
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The European Union (EU) will allocate four non-governmental organizations $11 million to improve access to water in communities that were most affected by the influx of Syrian refugees.

The EU has signed a $2 million grant agreement with the international NGO Première Urgence-Aide Médicale Internationale Association to support the rehabilitation of water infrastructure for rural communities in the Akkar district. The two-year project would improve general access to safe water in the Arida and Cheikh Zennad villages, through the construction of new water supply networks.

To improve access to water services in the North Bekaa Valley, the EU has granted $2.6 million to the Italian NGO, Gruppo di Volontariato Civile Associazione. The 24-month project would provide for the construction of a water supply infrastructure to improve access to sanitation facilities in the Zabboud, Jabboulé and El Ain villages. The grant would also see to strengthening management capacities and increasing users' awareness for water use in the North Bekaa Valley.

The EU granted international NGO World Vision $5 million to support water and sanitation in Bekaa. The 31-month project would provide access to safe water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene services to communities hosting Syrian refugees in the area, which would mitigate water-related health risks.

In addition, the EU extended a $1.4 million grant to OXFAM to finance the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply network in Chtaura. The two-year project would provide sustainable access to water for households there, through the development of local water infrastructure and improved water management capacity.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Dec 16, 2014
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