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Cinder block factory to open in Baalbek
Production capacity to reach 7,000 tons daily
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Al Tajhizat Al Handasia, a company based in Chmestar, Baalbeck will start producing concrete blocks, in early 2015.

Ali El Toufaili, major shareholder, said: “There is an increased demand for concrete cinder blocks in this area.”

Investment in the 7,000 square meter factory and warehouse is around $1.5 million, with equipment acquired locally.
The factory will produce 7,000 cement blocks, per day. The price of a ten centimeter cinder block is $2.8, as of December 2014.
The company will distribute its products mainly in Baalbeck, through the use of its own delivery trucks.
The factory will employ around ten and will recruit as the need arises.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 30, 2014
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