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Organic producer expands premise
Biomass to double organic fruit and vegetable production
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Biomass, an agricultural company specialized in cultivating and distributing organic vegetables and fruits, has leased new plots in Akkar, Marjayoun, Batroun and South Lebanon, to double its production.

Biomass production will annually reach 500 tons of a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables as well as eggs. The produce is cultivated in different regions in the North, Bekaa, South, and Mount Lebanon.

Mario Masoud, General Manager, said: “The main reason behind the expansion is to penetrate new regional markets, mainly Saudi Arabia and UAE.” The company will export about 20 percent of its produce, which it will transport by air.
The cost of investment in the expansion exceeded $1 million. The project will employ around 150 including farmers.

“Awareness regarding organic products is increasing in the local and regional markets, as it is healthier and does not include chemical residues,” said Masoud. He said that demand for these products is increasing despite the fact that their prices are triple the non-organic produce, because their production cost is higher.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 09, 2015
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