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Five egg farms
hatched by Tanmia
To provide high quality production
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Tanmia, a poultry company and manufacturer of chicken and luncheon meats, will open five egg producing farms in the Bekaa. The company is in the process of purchasing land and will begin construction works within two months.

The project will be implemented in stages, over a period of six years. The farms will comprise 500,000 chickens that will produce around 400,000 eggs, daily. The entire production will be strictly for local distribution.

Moussa Freiji, major shareholder of Tanmia, said: “Most of the eggs produced locally contain the salmonella bacterium. Ours will not.”

Each farm will have an area of at least 40,000 square meters. Investment in the project will exceed $6 million.
Each farm will employ more than 12 employees including agricultural engineers and technicians. “All employees should be trained on our farms,” said Freiji.

Tanmia also aims to sign contracts with ten farm owners in Bekaa. The farms will produce their poultry according to Tanmia’s standards of bio-security and food safety. Tanmia will provide them with the chicks and feed and in exchange for their produce. “We will be helping farmers to earn loans from Kafalat to build their farms,” said Freiji.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 26, 2015
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