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Trace to manage renovated Nakib Hospital in Saida
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Trace for Health Care Management will manage the Nakib Hospital in Saida, which will start operating in July.

Trace has signed a contract with Abdel Rahman Al Nakib, the hospital’s owner, to renovate and manage the hospital for 15 years. Lina Najem, General Manager of Trace and the Nakib Hospital, said: “The hospital closed in 2005 and is going to operate under new management.”

Al Nakib financed around $8 million for renovating, equipping and managing the hospital.

The built-up area of the hospital is 4,000 square meters. It comprises four floors and 50 beds. The hospital will provide general medical services, as well as plastic surgeries and one day surgeries. “It will not receive emergency cases and all surgeries should be pre-reserved,” Najem said. She said the hospital will provide high end services.

The hospital will create around 120 job opportunities excluding those of physicians. “We are setting sophisticated recruitment conditions, where all the staff should be qualified and have a long record in medical services,” said Najem.

Al Nakib will pay Trace a fixed monthly income, starting from $15,000 and he will keep all hospital profits. Najem said that they expect to start earning a profit after three years. There is a plan to build an additional floor to increase the number of beds to 100, if things go well.

The hospital aims to sign contracts with insurance agencies.

Trace is preparing to manage hospitals in Karbala and Nasiriyah in Iraq, as well as several local medical centers.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Apr 24, 2015
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