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Highway connecting Jezzine to Kfarhouna
Thirty villages to benefit from project
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Construction began on a highway connecting Jezzine to Kfarhouna, according to George Maalouf, Director of the Union of Jezzine municipalities.

The highway works include the installation of power lines and underground water and wastewater networks in addition to street furnishings.

Around 30 villages will benefit from the four kilometer-long highway, when it is completed in two years.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation is overseeing and funding the $6 million project.

The highway passes through Jabal al Rihan and splits into several villages mainly Sojod, Louaizeh, and Aichiyeh.

Maalouf said: “We have been calling for the execution of works for more than five years and they have finally allocated funds for it.”

Joseph Mitri is the main contractor.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jun 08, 2015
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