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Economy stakeholders voice
alarm against political stalemate
Chambers, labor unions, and business

associations will gather on June 25

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Economic associations, the General Confederation of Labor Unions (GCLU), the Syndicate of Liberal Professionals, the civil community, and other stakeholders will gather in Biel, next Thursday, to announce a common alarm against the prevailing political and economic crisis.

The meeting entitled ‘Alarm of June 25, for a decision … against suicide’ aims to call for the election of a president, to activate Parliament and the Government, and to find solutions to social problems, including unemployment, crime, and the Syrian refugee crisis. It looks to raise a voice for the creation of a positive atmosphere to improve economic and social conditions.

“The gathering’s purpose is to lead us out of the political paralysis, which has turned from being temporary to a permanent situation, and to guarantee the election of a president, which instead of being an exception is becoming the rule,” said Mohammed Choucair, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML).

The gathering is a follow up to an initiative launched by MP Robert Fadel, which comprised several meetings with stakeholders to deliver a common formula to face these challenges.

“In addition to political tensions, the economy is witnessing a severe slowdown, which threatens to implicate the deterioration of the economy and closing thousands of companies,” said Choucair. “The flow of Syrian refugees is putting pressure on social stability,” he said.

“This meeting is a national gathering to raise the voice to push decision makers to assume their responsibilities in handling the country’s problems,” said Ghassan Ghosn, Chairman of the GCLU. “Many of the labor force claims cannot be achieved in the absence of effective authorities, including a parliament to approve laws and an active government,” he said.

The gathering is expected to issue a unified statement to be distributed to decision makers, relevant countries, international organizations, and all ambassadors to Lebanon.
“We have reached a stage where we cannot be silent anymore,” said Choucair. “If we don’t act today, big problems will soon follow,” he said.
Reported by Leila Rahbani
Date Posted: Jun 19, 2015
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