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Automated infrastructure to optimize running cost
Smart Valley in Fatka
mixed use development
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SAKR Real Estate, a local development firm, has broken ground on Smart Valley, a $500 million project in Fatka.
It will have 900 units, including apartments and commercial outlets, as well as a 33,000 square meter wellness center and spa.

The 250,000 m2 project has a total built-up area of 310,000 m2. Selling prices start at $1,750/m2.

The project will consist of environmentally friendly, smart buildings, equipped with automated controls for illumination, heating, air quality, security, and sanitation, at an optimized cost. All residential and commercial units will have high connectivity access to the Internet. Lighting and heating will be solar powered.

SAKR Real Estate is partnering with Cisco, Siemens, and Samsung for all smart features related to home automation and smart infrastructure.

Exotica will maintain trees that will be moved during the construction phases and replanted later.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jul 02, 2015
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