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Employment e-portal project kicked off
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‘Loubnan Ta3mal’, a new employment e-portal, was launched yesterday. It is a private-public partnership between the Ministry of Labor and the National Employment Office (NEO), Microsoft, and Netways.

The e-portal aims to become a national employment gateway, said Jean Abi Fadel, Director General of the NEO. The portal offers online vocational tutoring and guidance, training sessions, and a job search and application service. He said that it will be open to both companies and individuals. “The website will be ready in the coming days,” he said. Loubnan Ta3mal will be managed by NEO.

According to Abi Fadel, NEO will preserve its role as a main source of employment nationwide and Loubnan Ta3mal will supplement NEO’s work.

“Our main purpose is to improve the recruitment of the youth,” said Hoda Younan, Microsoft Country Manager.

Microsoft had launched similar portals in Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Nigeria, and Qatar. Younan said that enlarging the network of e-portals will improve the recruitment and employment processes across the Middle East and North Africa.

NEO is a public institution created in virtue of Decree 77/80. It has an administrative and financial autonomy, under the tutorship of the Ministry of Labor. Its role is to conduct studies and research to formulate employment policies for the country. It also works on improving the employability and skill sets of entry level employees through accelerated vocational training. NEO also finds job opportunities for job seekers through the Employment Bureau for the purpose of reducing unemployment rates.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jul 08, 2015
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