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TVmoz web TV
to be launched in December
Original content fiction series offered gratis
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TVmoz is a new web TV released by Cinemoz, a premium ‘Video-on-Demand’ platform. It will be launched online by the end of this year, according to Karim Safieddine, CEO & Head of Acquisitions.

“There is no regional web series that caters to 15-25 year-olds,” he said. According to Safieddine, this age bracket represents 80 percent of the Arab Internet surfers.

TVmoz will offer original web series, in a shorter, more relevant, and younger mould than regular TV series. The shows will have diversified themes focused on fiction. “Instead of paying half a million dollars to get the license of a series such as Harim El Sultan, we can use the same sum to produce three shows,” he said. Series will be offered free of charge. According to Safieddine, they will capitalize through advertisements. “We will also resell the broadcast rights to TV channels,” Safieddine said.

Cinemoz acquired, by the end of 2014, $1.5 million in funding from BLC Bank under BDL’s Circular 331. It has secured another $2 million from Berytech Fund and is working on another $2 million from other investors. “We will acquire the required funding before the launching of our new platform,” Safieddine said.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Sep 03, 2015
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