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UniCarton will open
factory in Ghazir
To increase production by 50 percent
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UniCarton, a manufacturer of packaging carton, will open a factory in Ghazir in the summer of 2016.

The $4 million project will have a space of 2,500 square meters and a built-up area of 7,000 m2. The factory will create more than 20 full time jobs. The contractor is SNH Engineering.

Roy Habib, Partner and Assistant General Manager, said that the company borrowed a loan from Bank Audi, supported by the Central Bank (BDL) to build the factory. It will be equipped with machines imported from the United Kingdom.

“Our expansion is to increase production by 50 percent.” The current production capacity is 2,000 tons of cartons per year. UniCarton provides several factories such as food industries, beverages, sweets, and clothes with carton packaging. All the carton packages manufactured by UniCarton are recyclable

“We used to export to Syria and Libya, but we have stopped due to the turmoil in these countries,” said Habib. Around ten percent of the products are exported now to some Arab and African countries.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
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Date Posted: Sep 03, 2015