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Plastic recycling factory opened in Baskinta
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TH Company, owned by Maroun Tannoury, opened a factory for recycling plastic in Baskinta this week.

The factory will comprise several production lines. The first will be for recycling polyethylene plastic, such as nylon bags and bottle caps. The recycled plastic will be sold to factories that manufacture electric cables and water hoses. The second line will be a press for recycling plastic bottles, barrels, gallons, and boxes.

The factory will recycle 1.5 tons of plastic per day. Tannoury said that the company will work with municipalities to get the raw materials from houses for free. But as a start, the company has purchased two tons of bottle caps, each of which has cost $450, and two tons of nylon bags each for $300. “If the company will have to continuously purchase the raw materials, the cost will be too high and it will not be affordable anymore,” said Tannoury.

Investment in the project is $1.5 million. The buildup space of the factory is 500 square meters. It created around eight full time jobs.

Razi El Hage, Coordinator of the Planning and Development Center of Metn, said: “This project will leave a positive impact on the environment and will contribute to creating job opportunities and developing the Baskinta region.” The center will help people to sort their trash and a specific staff from TH will collect the plastic and nylon from the houses.

This is the first industrial project for TH. The company used to provide IT services.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 23, 2015
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