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Arab Ministers approve setting up Social Security Corp.
Beirut chosen as headquarter
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Arab Labor Ministers participating in the Conference settled upon Beirut as the main headquarter for the corporation premises after long debate and extended discussions.

Minister of Labor, Boutors Harb, said “that the new corporation will replace the earlier Social Security coordination committee which is headquartered in Lebanon and financed by its government.”

The Arab Labor Conference in its 37th edition is assembling together 20 Arab Labor ministers and 19 Arab, regional and international organizations. It is tackling critical issues in the Arab region, mainly rising poverty and unemployment rates, low wages, and the impact of economic changes on Arab markets.

Harb said that Arab governments should adopt new education policies, to battle the rise in unemployment rates through training students at early stages. “This means that there is a critical need to improve productive sectors in Arab countries and adopt a social security network for workers,” he said. 

Harb said that Arab governments should work to reduce brain drain in their countries, and called on them to “create better investment climates and generate new and fresh ideas to find jobs for the unemployed.”

Harb said that Lebanon is preparing an action plan to organize a conference that hosts Arab syndicates, to discuss means of expanding scope of their work and ways to unite Arab unions under one agenda.

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Date Posted: Mar 08, 2010