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Sorting facility for Shouf El Aala
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The Federation of Shouf El Aala Union of Municipalities will open a waste sorting and composting facility in Baadaran later this month. The facility will cover 12 villages, including Mokhtara and Aamtour.

According to Salah Shaz-bak, Baadaran Mayor, the project comprises two phases: The first will open after two weeks and will include a sorting facility, and the second will include a composting facility, which will be ready once the equipment has been imported from Italy.

The total space of the land plot is 5,000 square meters and the built-up area is 1,500 m2. The factory will have capacity to sort 50 tons of trash per day. Shaz-bak said that the union is relying on donations from the civil society to build the facility. Investment in the first phase is $250,000.

The Union will create a commission including four mayors to manage the facility. It will purchase garbage trucks to collect the trash from the streets of all 12 villages.

Shaz-bak said that the cost of transporting the trash is expected to reach $15 per ton, the cost of sorting it is $12, and collecting it is $15, totaling $42 for the entire process.

“The unions require their dues from the revenues of the Ministry of Telecom, in addition to the Independent Municipal Fund, to establish their own facilities,” said Shaz-bak. He said that unions cannot rely only on the municipal fund revenues to finance the sorting and composting facilities.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2015
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