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100 million m2 of property
owned by municipalities
Beirut has 2,000 properties
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Municipal properties across governorates have been estimated at around 102 million square meters (m2), according to the Ministry of Finance’s Real Estate Registry. It published the figures in ‘Assadisa’, the journal published by the Basil Fuleihan Institute of Finance, part of the MoF.

The total number of surveyed municipal properties is 11,243, distributed throughout the country.

The largest number of properties is in Mount Lebanon (2,851), with an aggregate area of six million square meters. The largest area of municipal properties is in Bekaa with around 75 million m2, totaling 1,434 properties.

Municipal properties that have not been surveyed by registry offices, and have not been added to the registry’s electronic data, have a space of 167,000 hectares (1,670 km2) or 16 percent of the country.

‘Mshaa’ – public land – represent 20 percent, or 2,100 km2, of the country’s total land bank. “Mshaas are surveyed and non-surveyed land plots owned either by the State or municipalities, such as forests and valleys,” said George Maarawi, Director General of Real Estate Registry Offices at the Ministry of Finance.

Distribution of municipal properties according to governorate

GovernorateNo. of municipal propertiesArea of properties (million m2)
Mount Lebanon2,8516.2

Source: Real Estate Registry Offices, 2016
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jan 12, 2016
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