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Ministry allocates $9 M to rationalize power use
All regular bulbs will be replaced by power-saving lamps
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The Ministry, through the Lebanese Center for Power Rationalizing, will allocate $7 million for the purchase of three million energy-saving light bulbs.

The new bulbs will replace the 100 watts regular lamps used by citizens in one million homes, thus replacing three bulbs per one house.

The move will help Electricite Du Liban (EDL) save $76 million per year, and each citizen save $28.

The Ministry will import the lamps and then distribute them among dealers that will be chosen upon auctions. Regular lamps will be replaced gradually with power-saving lamps that will be distributed in supermarkets and shops.

The Ministry will allocate another one million dollars to buy 22,500 water heaters that operate on solar energy through five-year loans. The move will help EDL save $13 million annually and citizens save $7 million.

Another $500,000 will be allocated to provide general lighting powered by solar energy. The Ministry will install special equipment for this reason, officials said. 

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Date Posted: Mar 15, 2010