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Pain d’Or factory expansion
to double production rates
$15 million investment expected
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Malco Group, the mother company of Pain d’Or and Fantasia, will launch construction works to expand its factory in Choueifat.

The new 4,000-square-meter factory, built on an 8,000-square-meter plot adjacent to the present factory, has an expected completion date of early 2019.

The expansion will be dedicated to Pain d’Or products. Marwan El-Koussa, Managing Partner, said: “We will initially produce Arabic bread, before increasing production of other products, as well as creating new ones at a later stage.”

El-Koussa said that because additional Pain d’Or outlets will be opened countrywide, production rates of locally marketed items will double.

The local market will provide the bakery equipment needed to meet the increased production rate, with machines for sweet making being imported from Europe.

Investment in the project is estimated at around $15 million. “We decided to invest and expand in spite of the very high risks regarding the economic situation and major competition in the market,” El-Koussa said.

Malco Group also aims to install new fully automated machines for its Fantasia potato chips factory.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jul 04, 2016
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