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Frem: new ALI President
GA votes unanimously for the Consensual Industrial Renaissance list
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317 members of ALI’s General Assembly convened on Saturday, March 27, in Metropolitan Hotel, forming the legal quorum required; The GA was chaired by the former President of ALI, current Minister of Tourism, Fadi Abboud, and was attended by the Minister of Industry, Abraham Dedeyan.

The consensus reached, followed over two months of long discussions which were successfully completed days ago where industrialists who were competing against Efrem’s list withdrew their candidacy.

The new board will have a four year-term, and includes 13 new members who joined the Board for the first time.

 “I believe that the President is a servant for the cause… I am here to serve every industrialist who intends to create an added-value,” said Frem following his election as the new President of the ALI-Board.“We will work to create the successful environment to attract capitals to this country- which is rich in its people,” Frem said.

The winning list included, in addition to Eferm, industrialists-Ramez Abu Nader, Ibrahim Malah, Joseph Danielle Abboud, Shawki Al Dakkach, Ziad Bekdash, Khaled Farshoukh, Mohamad Zaidan, Omar Hallab, Mohamad Maher Sakal, Nicolas Nahas, Ziad Chammas, Jean-Michel Mekhbat, Adnan Ataya, Ahmad Hussein, Bassam Mahfouz, Khalil Cheri, Osama AlHalbawi, Michel Daher, George Nasrawi, Laurence Tefkanajian, Nathrat considered Sabounjian, Walid Assaf, Shaker Saab.

Neemat Efrem is the son of the well-known businessman, former Minister of Industry, Georges Efrem who passed away in 2006. He currently heads the INDEVCO manufacturing Group of companies-based in Ajaltoun, Lebanon.

INDEVCO is one of the largest paper, and plastic-manufacturers in Lebanon, the Middle East, and the USA. It is also engaged in the corrugated packaging for agricultural, beverage, construction, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, personal care, and petrochemical materials. The company employs over 7500 people in Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sudan, Ukraine, and the United States.

Date Posted: Mar 29, 2010
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