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$3.4 billion from UN
for next three years
Framework targets three core priorities
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The United Nations has launched the Strategic Framework (UNSF) for Lebanon for the period 2017-2020. The strategy focuses on three core priorities: Peace and security, stability and governance, and poverty reduction and development.

To carry out this strategy, the UN will dedicate around $3.4 billion on related projects and programs.

According to the UNSF, “The approach aims to support Lebanon on the path to development in accordance with the goals of the (Lebanese Government) 2030 Agenda.”

As part of the first security-related priority, interventions will include supporting internal security forces and municipal policing. UN aims to strengthen capacities to control borders and manage cross-border security threats, thus protecting migrants from trafficking and reducing the likelihood of irregular entry.

As part of the second priority, the UN plans to support executive and legislative capacities, public administration, economic and financial management, policy-development, and statistical and planning capacities. This will help to provide technical support to the elections management bodies, to ensure successful elections according to international standards. Technical support will be also provided for the adoption of electoral reforms which will promote more inclusive participation by women and youth.

Support will also be provided to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop institutional capacity in collaboration with civil society organizations.

As part of the third priority, the UN will focus on mitigating the impact of the Syrian conflict and addressing local constraints in three areas: Generating growth, improving access to social services, and promoting environmental protection.

There will be a particular focus on SMEs and start-ups, to ensure increased entrepreneurship in poor or rural areas and in sectors which have a potential for growth. Support will also be provided to the manufacturing sector to become the catalyst for job creation.

The UN will also support the Government in developing infrastructure, including roads, electricity, waste, and water management facilities. It aims to increase access to health care for Lebanese and displaced populations.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
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Date Posted: Oct 05, 2016