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Staunch Machinery to manufacture fit outs and display stands
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Staunch Machinery, a manufacturer of construction materials and equipment, and power generators, will open Xillion factory in Saida.

Hamza Hijazi, Executive Director, said: “We will begin a new business line apart from the construction materials.”

The new line will include three divisions: the first dedicated to the manufacturing of fit outs from stainless steel such as stairs, fences, among others. The second will be for pharmacy and supermarket display stands. The third division is for corrugated plastic used for building isolation.

The 6,000 square meter (m2) factory will require an investment of seven million dollars, including the cost of the land.

The company aims to export half of its production to the Gulf countries and the factory is expected to create 150 full time jobs when completed in late 2017.

The company has three other factories in China, Turkey, and India, as well as 67 offices worldwide, including warehouses, points–of-sale, and maintenance departments.

Staunch Machinery is a member of Al-Nahda Industrial Group which was established in 1979 by Moustafa Hijazi.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Oct 12, 2016
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