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Cement deliveries up four percent
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Cement deliveries totaled 5.3 million tons last year, a four percent increase compared to 2015, according to figures published by the Central Bank (BDL).

Cement deliveries reached 5.5 million tons in 2014, and 5.8 million tons in 2013.

Adib Hashem, Commercial Director of Cimenterie Nationale, said that the Ministry of Interior allowed municipalities to grant licenses permitting to build an additional floor. This led to improved demand and reactivated construction activity. Dry weather conditions were also encouraging.

“People were wary that steel prices will increase, which pushed them to hurry-up and build,” he said.

Mario Dib, Sales Manager at Holcim, said: “Municipal elections helped boost demand. Public spending on roads and pavements abounded during the second quarter of the year.”

Cimenterie Nationale was the leader in cement deliveries, acquiring a 42 percent market share last year, followed by Holcim (38 percent) and Ciment de Sibline (20 percent).

Cement was sold at $85 per ton x-factory and at $100 delivered, including VAT.

Due ongoing security impediments has curtailed cement exports to the traditional export markets in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 22, 2017
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