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DSL prices
slashed 60 percent
New fiber optic packages announced
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The government announced today a 20-60 percent reduction to the price of Internet charges.

New fiber optic connection prices for office and home were also announced. These range between LL75,000 ($50) for 300 GB and LL240,000 ($160) for 1000 GB, all at 50 Mbps.

The monthly fee of the E1 line will be reduced from $240 to $110. E1 Line is a high-speed digital link that connects the private automatic branch exchange (PABX) (the telephone switch of the client) to the Ministry of Telecom and OGERO switch in the Central Office.

Jamal Jarrah, Minister of Telecom, said the reduction in E1 prices will lead to reduction in prices of 3G and 4G mobile Internet.

There are new monthly Internet services, such as consumption rates, and fees for DSL technology using copper wire, which are the landlines that are currently available.

The monthly fees range between LL24, 000 ($16) for monthly consumption of 40 GB to LL360,000 ($240) for unlimited consumption.

Consumption changes now include unlimited options, which is available in four packages, two of which are entirely new. Package one, up to 2mbps at LL60,000 ($40) per month, package two up to 4mbps at LL90,000 ($60).

The new packages are a 2mbps dedicated line at LL180,000 ($120), and a 4mbps dedicated line at a cost of LL360,000 ($240), both of which have unlimited consumption.

Extra consumption charges have also been reduced. These are LL1,500 ($1) per GB up to 50 GB and LL1,000 ($0.66) over 50 GB for both fiber optics and Internet services using copper wire.

The reductions will become applicable once it has been published in the Official Gazette next Thursday.
Reported by Derek Issacs
Date Posted: Jun 07, 2017
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