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Torbey reelected
Chairman of ABL
Salim Sfeir won one seat
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Joseph Torbey has been reelected as Chairman of the Association of Banks (ABL). His team won 11 out of 12 seats of ABL’s Board of Directors.

His rival Salim Sfeir won one seat at the expense of Varouj Nerguizian, Chairman of Emirates Lebanon Bank, who was on Torbey’s list.

This will be the sixth term for Torbey, who chaired ABL in 2001-2003, 2003-2005, 2009-2011, 2011-2013, and 2015-2017. He is the incumbent Chairman of Credit Libanais.

The winners in Torbey’s team are Freddie Baz, Vice-chairman of the Bank Audi Group, Saad Azhari, Chairman of BLOM Bank Group, Semaan Bassil, Chairman of Byblos Bank, Nadim Kassar, General Manager of Fransabank, Antoun Sehnaoui, Chairman of Société Générale de Banque au Liban (SGBL), Mohammed Hariri, Chairman of Bankmed, Walid Raphael, Chairman of Banque Libano-Française (BLF), Ghassan Assaf, Chairman of Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC), Tanal Sabbah, Chairman of the Lebanese Swiss Bank, Abdul Razzak Achour, Chairman of Fenicia Bank.

Sfeir, who is the current Chairman of Bank of Beirut, headed a list comprising seven other members from medium-sized and small banks.
Reported by Shikrallah Nakhoul
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Date Posted: Jun 30, 2017