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Tender for power ships
rejected by oversight agency
Karadeniz was the only bidder
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The tender for two additional power barges with a capacity of 425 megawatts has been rejected, according to the Department of Tenders.

A source at the Department said: “Only one bidder, Karadeniz, applied for the tender. By law, there should be at least two competing companies.”

Karadeniz, a Turkish firm, is currently providing electricity through two power ships, Fatmagul and Orhan Bey.

“We were surprised that the file of Karadeniz was incomplete as well,” the source said.

The tender was returned to the Ministry of Energy and Water, which in turn will raise its report to the Council of Ministers.

The tender is part of the ministry’s latest plan to increase power production.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
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Date Posted: Jul 27, 2017