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Charity hospital will open in Deir Al-Ahmar
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The Maronite Diocese of Baalbek–Deir Al-Ahmar will open Charity Hospital in Deir Al Ahmar in early 2019.

The total built-up area of the hospital will be 11,000 square meters (m2). It will include 89 beds, along with an emergency care unit, laboratories, operation rooms, and a radiology department.

“There is large shortage in medical services in the region”, said Sister Lina Abbas, a representative from the Maronite Diocese. The nearest hospital is 30 minutes away from Deir Al-Ahmar. The hospital recently gained a license from the Ministry of Public Health, although it had been submitted several decades ago.

Investment in the hospital is estimated at $10 million. The hospital is funded by charities from local and expatriate donors, as well as foreign embassies.

The contractor is George Khoury.

The hospital will create around 300 jobs.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 28, 2018
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