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Mixed-use cluster inaugurated in Naccache
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Tap Food, a recently established company, has inaugurated ‘Zero 4’, a mixed-use cluster in Naccache.

Alain Hadife, founder of the wedding planning company, Caractère, is the major shareholder.

The land plot is 20,000 square meters (m2) in size, and the built-up area is 2,600 m2.

Investment in the project is $6 million, excluding the cost of the land, which is leased.

The cluster comprises 14 restaurants and coffee shops, including Onno Bistro, BRGR.Co, Paul, Malolo, Tavolina, Meat the Fish, Mathieu, Black Coffee by Café Younes, and Bread Republic.

Zero 4 also includes a kids’ area, and a multi-brand store. A contemporary store has opened under the name ‘Another’ comprising high end clothes, sports clothes, boutique gym items, a gift shop, a coffee bar, and a restaurant café, as well as a haircare outlet. Hadife said that the cluster will include a large pop-up space, which will provide a new experience every two weeks.

The leasing cost is, on average $1,000, per square meter.

Hadifeh said that only 50 percent of the cluster has opened, and the remaining restaurants and stores will open gradually.

The cluster has created around 300 job opportunities.

The contractor for the project is ACEC, and the designer is Charles Hadife Architects.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: May 09, 2018
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