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Land Registry gets
World Bank loan
For ICT upgrade and data integration
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The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved the Administration System Modernization Project, which is intended to modernize the Land Registry and Cadastre system.

The $43 million initiative is financed by a loan through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The loan matures in 13 years with a grace period of six years.

The project has five components: Modernization of the Digital Land Registry and Cadastre System, National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), Property Valuation and Taxation, State Land Inventory and Management, and Institutional Development, Capacity Building and Project Management.

The first component, which costs $19 million, will establish a unified database for the integrated Land Registry and Cadastre system, improve its ICT infrastructure and applications, implement new e‐services and integrate with external systems. It will establish digital archives and a disaster recovery center, scan and vectorize remaining paper cadastral index maps, and improve key technical centers and office premises.

The second component ($2.5 million) aims to support the development and implementation of a NSDI Strategy based on international best practices, upgrade NSDI technologies and infrastructure, and support the creation, collection, and harmonization of geospatial data.

The third component ($11 million) will develop mass appraisal methodologies, undertake an inventory of physical data on land and property in main urban areas, and develop a mass valuation system.

The fourth component ($3 million) is intended to facilitate a new strategy, inter‐institutional agreements and inter‐agency coordination for State Land Management. It will improve state land data quality in the Land Registry and Cadastre System, integrate external state and public land datasets with the Land Registry and Cadastre, upgrade the State Land Management ICT systems, and link spatial zoning plans to the Land Registry and Cadastre System.

The fifth component ($7.4 million) is for the development of an institutional vision, customer orientation and servicing, as well as policy, legal and regulatory studies and analyses for the administration of public and private land.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
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Date Posted: Jun 21, 2018