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Dental equipment
factory to open in Bazhel
To manufacture for German brands
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Fusion Dental System, a recently established company, will open a factory for dental medical equipment in Bazhel, Kesrouan in early 2020.

The owners, Dentist Tony Kamel and his brother Fadi Kamel, will invest $8 million in the factory. It will have a 1,500 square meters (m2) built-up area. “It is the first factory for producing dental medical equipment to open locally,” said Fadi Kamel.

Around 25 machines will be imported from Germany and Italy to produce 103 medical dental items. A team from Germany will train the staff on how to operate the production lines, said Fadi Kamel.

“We are negotiating with German companies to manufacture medical items under their brand name,” Fadi Kamel said. The company will distribute the production also locally, and may sign deals with agents in the future for local distribution, Fadi Kamel said.

The factory will create more than 30 full time jobs.

The owners have experience in this domain, as they own 360 Medical Solutions, a company specialized in importing dental medical equipment from Europe.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 28, 2018
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