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Marina coming
to Zouk Mosbeh
To include a touristic port and restaurants
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‘Dream by the Sea’, a marina with a yacht club and restaurants, is planned for Zouk Mosbeh in 2021. Excavation will start within one month.

Dani Khoury and Mark Habka will invest around $25 million in the project. “The project will be similar to Zaitunay Bay in Beirut,” said Habka, who is also the legal representative of the project.

The government issued the project a license to operate and invest in a 67,000 square meters (m2) land plot which is on the Zouk Mosbeh seaside beside the power plant.

The project will include up to 15 restaurants – most of which are well-known brands – a yacht maintenance center, as well as a spa and gym.

The project will create around 1,500 job opportunities.

The company should pay LL851 million ($570,000) in annual fees to the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

Khoury, who specializes in marina contracting, will be the contractor of the project.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 07, 2018
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