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Parliament approves $120 million World Bank loan
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The Parliament ratified $120 million World Bank loan for the health sector.

The low-interest loan will be due within 23 years following a six-year grace period.

The loan is for the implementation of the Health Resilience Project, which aims to give poor citizens and displaced Syrians in Lebanon increased access to quality health services.

Around $77 million will be dedicated for scaling up Primary Health Care capacity in order to meet the growing needs of vulnerable citizens.

Around $37 million will be allocated for the provision of health care services in public hospitals. The aim is to finance capitation payments of public hospitals for delivery of medical and paramedical, and emergency healthcare services to patients. It also aims to improve technical capabilities at public hospitals.

Around $7 million will be dedicated for project management and monitoring. This component aims to boost the capacity of the Ministry of Public Health by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the country’s hospitals.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
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Date Posted: Sep 25, 2018