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First animated film
made in Lebanon
Movie produced by

Beirut Cultural Festivals

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Beirut Cultural Festivals is showing ‘Alwan Beirut’, the first animated film made in Lebanon in Cinema City in Beirut Souks.

The film’s plot alternates between reality and illusion, incorporating advice, values, and culture. It aims to increase children’s awareness and develop their imagination.

The film’s production company, Beirut Cultural Festivals, covered the film’s $500,000 production costs.

“The film was totally produced locally. It includes 400 songs, all of which were written and performed by local artists,” said Ezzat Kraytem, Secretary General of Beirut Cultural Festivals.

“We expect 25,000 attendees at the box office,” Kraytem said. “We do not expect a return on our investment.”

Cinema City is showing the movie on November 25. It will be in all theaters starting on November 29.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
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Date Posted: Nov 23, 2018