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Exports to resume to Iraq through the Al Bukamal crossing border
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Exporters will be able to resume distribution of agricultural and industrial goods through the Al Bukamal / Al Qa’im border crossing, between Syria and Iraq. The crossing was reopened after being closed for five years due to turmoil in Syria.

This border crossing is essential for the exportation of local agricultural goods, according to Hassan Al Lakkis, Minister of Agriculture.

The closure of the Al Bukamal / Al Qa’im crossing in 2014 cut off a vital access point to Iraq and other markets.

The opening of this land border will save time, according to Ibrahim Tarchichi, Chairman of the Association of Bekaa Farmers. Lebanese exports will travel 850 km along routes in Syria and Iraq routes, instead of 1,800 km through Nassib / Jaber border that leads to Iraq through Jordan Iraq.

Lebanese farmers can benefit from certain measures taken by Iraq which facilitate the exporting of potatoes, onions, and some kinds of fruits to the Iraqi market.

The increase of transit costs imposed by the Syrian government is considered an obstacle for goods exported by land through Syria, according to Tarchichi. Transit fees for exporting through the Al Bukamal / Al Qa’im border crossing are more than the fees paid when exporting through Nassib / Jaber crossing border.

Transit fees in Syria have increased by 450 percent, or $4,000 per truck, following the re-opening of the Nassib / Jaber crossing border in 2018.
Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Oct 02, 2019
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