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Renovated hospital to open in Tripoli
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Lebanon and Gulf for Medical Services bought and renovated Husseini Hospital, in Tripoli, El Mina area. It was owned by Dr. Hashem Husseini.

The revamped hospital is scheduled to open by the end of 2020 following a six-year break, according to Dr. Bassam Al Fahl, co-owner of the hospital.

Renovation and equipping work was recently completed.

The company has invested $15 million in the project including the prices of the land and premises. It has not yet decided on the new name of the hospital.

The hospital, whose total built-up area is 4,600m2, will provide different medical services. It will include 94 beds and five operating rooms.

The hospital will serve 100,000 inhabitants in the area and the Miniyeh region at large, according to Al Fahl. It will provide 134 full time job opportunities.

Lebanon and Gulf Medical Services was established in 2012 and it is co-owned by Dr. Bassam Al Fahl, and Dr. Adnan Al Idan, a Kuwaiti national.
Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Jun 04, 2020
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