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270,000 people at least got
their first vaccination dose
Injection rate has reached 10,000 per day
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The pace of vaccination against Covid-19 is accelerating with more than 270,000 people having received at least one dose so far.

The number of administered daily doses has increased to more than 10,000. The cumulative number of people vaccinated with one dose has exceeded 173,000. The cumulative number of those vaccinated with two doses is about 97,000.

The total number of people registered for the vaccination since the launch of the campaign has reached about 1.05 million. Nearly 97,000 of them are workers in the health sector, about 142,000 are citizens over the age of 75, and 141,000 are in the 65 to 75-year age bracket. The number of vaccination appointments booked until May 1, has reached around 140,000.

Nearly 155,000 people aged over 75 years and 115,000 under the age of 75 have received the vaccine. The doses were distributed on about 255,000 doses of Pfizer, 10,000 doses of AstraZeneca, and 5,000 doses of Sputnik.

Around 3,000 appointments to receive the vaccine were rejected for various reasons, including health issues. Some people were infected with the coronavirus before and after the first dose.
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Date Posted: Apr 09, 2021