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New job platform launched
Startup caters to both job seekers and employers
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A new online job platform called ‘Achieve’ was launched on Monday to facilitate job searches via users’ LinkedIn accounts data, without complicated CV uploads. The platform is still in its Beta phase and will be officially launched in January 2014.

The startup is founded by Jade Saad, an HR professional, and Toufic Lawand, a marketing and finance professional.

Achieve acts primarily as an online Recruitment Management System (RMS) for recruiters and companies looking to find potential hires for fairer compensation.

Initial investment reached around $30,000. Saad said they are currently finalists in the ‘Grow My Business’ competition by MIT and Bank Audi. “We will be using the competition’s rewards as an additional funding to our platform.”

Saad said they offer companies access to candidates’ data for fees 30 percent less than market rates. “We are very interested in serving the growing number of startup enterprises and small businesses that cannot afford expensive HR consultancies and services,” The website caters for the MENA region, focusing mainly on Lebanon.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 07, 2013
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