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Four new public schools for Beirut
A $75 million loan
will see to their construction
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The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) will provide the Government with a $23 million loan to construct educational buildings in Beirut.

The schools will be built in Achrafieh, Raml Al Zarif, Basta, and Noueiri. The Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) will implement the project.

The loan is an addition to the $53 million facility, necessitated by cost overruns resulting from project implementation. The project to develop the schools was also impacted by the global increase in prices of construction materials.

Marwan Sinno, Chief of CDR’s Construction Department said, “The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will set the priorities and choose the schools we should start with, as the available funds would not be enough to develop these schools.”

The school in Raml El-Zarif will have four underground levels and five additional floors, totaling 10,340 square meters. This school will be able to accommodate 1,890 students.

The school in Achrafieh will include three underground levels and four additional floors, and will be able to accommodate 1,930 students.

The Basta School will encompass one underground floor and six floors, with a total built-up area of 4,550 m2. It will accommodate 700 students.

The school in Noueiri will comprise four underground levels and seven floors, totaling 18,000 m2, with a capacity to accommodate 1,800 students.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 02, 2014
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