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Business entities may start submitting e-disclosures
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Business corporations, including companies not related to the banking sector and insurance companies, will be able to disclose their financial statements for 2014 online, according to the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

Taxpayer interested in registering for the e-service should access the website of the MoF: eservices.finance.gov.lb, from there to click on the e-taxation system service and fill the required form to register and send it by e-mail.

When the e-system receives the registration application, an e-mail will be sent to the taxpayer’s e-mail address, including the number and date of that application.

The Taxpayer Services Department (TSD) will set an appointment for the taxpayer, sent by e-mail, in addition to the list of required documents.

The taxpayer will receive from the TSD an e-Pin, which will enable him to access the e-taxation system. The e-Pin is delivered to the taxpayer in a sealed envelop.

The user will then have to upload the disclosure sample from the concerned page in the e-taxation system and send it by e-mail.

When the e-taxation system receives the taxpayer’s disclosure, a receipt will be sent to the taxpayer by e-mail including the date of receipt.
Reported by Leila Rahbani
Date Posted: Jun 05, 2015
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